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My Chainsaw won't start.

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Starting our chainsaws can sometimes be a bit frustrating, so here is a step by step on how to ensure you are able to get your job done with minimal issues.


The very first thing you want to do before starting the chainsaws is to ensure that the unit is filled with mixed gas. (We ensure that every chainsaw rental is accompanied by a small jerry can of mixed gas and a bottle of chain lube). Check that the fuel level is optimal by placing the chainsaw on its side with the gas cap (as indicated below) up, and remove it by flipping up the black tab and turning the cap counterclockwise.  While checking fuel levels, it is always a good idea to also check the chain oil level to ensure optimal cutting performance.


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Gas Cap

Chain Oil Cap

When starting up the chainsaw, first ensure that the chain break lever is pulled towards the handle, as the unit will not start with this lever engaged.


To begin the process of starting the chainsaw, first squeeze both the throttle trigger and lock-out switch simultaneously, while also moving the choke lever to the fully choked position. At this point, the recoil cord is ready to be pulled.

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Chain Break Lever

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Lock-Out Switch

Throttle Trigger

Begin by firmly pulling on the recoil handle until the saw sounds like it is about to start. At this point, move the choke lever to the partially choked position and resume pulling the recoil until the saw fires up. Be careful as the chain will spin immediately because the throttle trigger will be engaged. The final step in the starting process is to squeeze both the lock-out switch and throttle trigger simultaneously, which will disengage the throttle and leave your saw idling. To stop the saw, simply move the choke lever to off position (all the way up).

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Choke Lever

Fully Choked

Partially Choked