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My engine won't start.

The majority of our equipment come with a Honda Engine, however there are a few items that do not. If your piece of equipment does not have a Honda engine, please call us.


In our experience, there are four common reasons as to why the engine will not start.

Reason 1:

The simplest issue is that the engine ignition switch has not been turned on.

Reason 2:

If the ignition switch has been turned on and the engine will still not start, it is possible that there is no fuel in the tank. Take a quick look in the fuel tank if it doesn't start up after four or five attempts.  




Check that the ignition switch is in the on-position. The ignition switch will be located on the front of the motor.

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Reason 3:

There is fuel in the motor and the ignition switch is in the on-position but your motor still will not start. When we send equipment out, we may have turned off the fuel line to prevent the motor from flooding. Check that the fuel line is turned on.

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When the gas line is turned on, the black lever will be pulled towards the front of the machine.

Reason 4:

If the engine continues to not start, the most likely reason is that the choke is on.

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While in operation, the choke and the gas line should be towards the front of the engine.